Red Table Talk, Facebook

Season 1A

The Ask

How does a social network launch a celebrity-led, multigenerational talk show about intimate sh*t, on a platform with low awareness?

The Opportunity

Different voices matter. For black & multicultural women online, we saw an opening to offer authentic voices and a safe community to share the intimate issues they were concerned and passionate about, yet weren't being addressed.

The Strategy

All On The Table became an invitation to get real. A place for honest discussion and a safe haven to connect with people about what mattered most.

Season 1B

After a successful Season 1A , we utilized social listening and took learnings from campaign performance to optimize engagement and further build the Red Table Talk audience for season 1B.

We saw chatter and a buzz that was spreading beyond women. With national recognition, the show had garnered curiosity from a growing number of men–curious about the emotional insight and life advice Jada, Willow, and this community could offer them. 

A Talk Show That Listens became our invitation to mainstream audiences. It signaled a more personalized format and connection to a dynamic group of viewers, while our creative continued to tell it like it is–supporting and enriching a growing digital family.