Renewal Communications Strategy, Disney & ESPN Media Networks (DEMN)

The Ask

How can DEMN hold its position with distributors to re-up contracts–without a loss of channels and alienating consumers?

The Process

We combed ​the traditional TV landscape–researching industry standards & trends, auditing competitors, and analyzing consumer behavior to understand what impacts these increasingly public negotiations. 

The Results

Distilling our learnings into actionable tactics, we crafted a messaging architecture that best embodied DEMN's position. When You Love Something, Don't Let It Go. By celebrating our audience’s love of DEMN networks–its sports, sitcoms, cartoons, and events–we became their Optimistic Partner. And with a strategy decidedly on the side of their consumers, we empowered these fans to join the conversation and take action against the potential loss of their favorite content.

What we did

brand & communications audits

 broadcast industry analysis 

 category & competor audits   

social listening & analytics

 audience analysis & segmentation  

 creative positioning 

 communications architecture 

campaign strategy

 messaging voice & tone development 

 social strategy 

campaign & messaging rollout

 pitch deck development